OSCP Qualified Testers

All of our testers are fully OSCP certified, ready to provide capable and trustworthy testing.

Tailored Reporting

Our consultants provide fully customised reports outlining specific risks to your environment.

Free Retests

Retests are provided free of charge as part of our standard scope.

Low Cost

Our consulting fees are some of the most competitive in the industry..

Interactive Testing

Our testers wont just run a vulnerability scanner and report the findings. We aim to fully analyze, fuzz and exploit the systems we test.

Feel Secure

With years of industry experience, our penetration tests will allow you to feel confident in your environment.

We provide confidence

According to the Independent over half of UK businesses suffered Cyber attacks across 2017-2018 and that figure is increasing yearly. It only takes a single data breach for your business to incur dramatic costs. We buy car insurance to protect our car in the event of a collision, why not provide the same assurance to your companies assets too?

About Us

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide quality penetration testing services to help you discover and manage the attack surface of your business and its applications. With highly skilled testing, we can help you discover potentially serious threats to your business, which in the wake of GDPR could be catastrophic!

Why do you need penetration testing?

Todays cyber landscape could be compared to the old west seen in movies, its chaos out there and innocents get caught up in the crossfire. Malicious hackers are constantly attacking businesses of all sizes and across every industry there is. Not knowing your security posture leaves your business unprotected. A penetration test will help identify these weaknesses that an attacker could exploit in order to gain access to your systems, data and more.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a systematic probing of a system or environment by a qualified professional to identify flaws, vulnerabilties and security misconfigurations. It is not the same as a vulnerability scan. A vulnerability scan is an automated process using a tool to emulate a similar methodology of a penetration tester, but is missing the attention to detail and the real understanding of the attack surface of an application.

Our Services

Web Application

A fully scoped application test will aim to identify vulnerabilities that could allow anything from exploitation of misconfigurations to a full compromise of the back end systems.

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External Infrastructure

An external infrastructure test incorporates everything an attacker would attempt to compromise your network from the outside.

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Mobile Application

Mobile applications are often overlooked, however they are increasingly becoming more frequently attacked. Often mobile apps have web API elements that allow attackers to compromise the backend servers.

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