Apple iOS 16: Don't Miss these 14 Hidden Features

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 The new iOS update is gradually making its way to all compatible iPhones, and the operating system is packed with new features. First and foremost, there is the new and customizable lock screen, which many fans have wished for and which has now been implemented.

Aside from the main features, the operating system's quality has been improved under the hood. These, however, must first be discovered or perceived by the users. We show you which functions Apple has hidden that are extremely useful.

ios 16 hidden features

iOS 16: Hidden Features

From iMessage and Face ID to haptic feedback for the keyboard, Apple has improved the overall iPhone experience by tweaking smaller apps and features. The following 14 functions should prove that not only major changes are important.

  • Duplicate Photos and Videos: Is your gallery overflowing with photos and videos? Perhaps there are also duplicate elements hidden in the collection that can safely be removed. In this case, the Photos app will help you. In the albums, you will find the new Duplicates item, under which you can delete the copies. The app always keeps a better-quality image or video.

  • Haptic feedback for the keyboard: For Android users, it has long been a matter of course, under iOS 16 it is currently a due integration. You now have the option to receive subtle feedback in the form of vibration on keystrokes. To do this, go to the settings of your iPhone and switch to the item Sounds & Haptics. Enables Haptics under Keyboard Feedback. Vibration is also on in silent mode.

  • The battery indicator in a percent: Since the iPhone X in 2017, the indicator has disappeared for reasons of space and is now celebrating its comeback. Under the settings, you will find the item battery. Activate the Battery charge in the % setting there.

  • Face ID in landscape mode: All iPhone models from the 13 series and newer can now unlock the smartphone in landscape mode via Face ID. Previously, users had to hold the iPhone in portrait mode for biometric unlocking.

  • Manage AirPods: In iOS 16, the settings of the headphones can be managed more easily if they are connected to your iPhone. Apple also integrates Spatial Audio, which adds a personalized and spatial audio feature.

  • Spatial Audio: With the latest AirPods on iOS 16, you can enable personalized spatial audio. This feature uses the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro to scan your ears. Apple promises a better sound experience.

  • Protection from deleted and hidden photos: In iOS 16, you need to authenticate yourself before accessing the hidden and deleted photos. Depending on the iPhone, you identify yourself with Face or Touch ID.

  • Read WiFi passwords: It has long been possible for iPhone owners to share saved access data. To do this, both devices must be close to each other. With the upcoming update, it will be possible to read out passwords in the settings. The passwords are protected with Face ID or your password for the iPhone. To do this, go to the WiFi settings and tap on the I icon.

  • End call with Siri: With the voice input Hey Siri, end the call, the call can now be ended via voice input. However, be warned that the person on the other line may also hear the voice input. To do this, go to the settings and switch to Siri & Search. In the first step, check whether the option Pay attention to Hey Siri is activated. If this is the case, you can activate voice control under end call.

  • Sort playlists: Apple Music on iOS 16 offers a way to sort the playlists by title, artist, album, and release date. To do this, select the three small dots in the upper right corner.

  • Full-screen music player: In the lock screen you can now switch the music player to full screen. This also works with third-party apps like Spotify. To do this, tap on the album cover to enlarge or reduce the size of the player.

  • Warning when charging: If your iPhone gets unusually warm, you will receive a notification. You will be informed that charging will be paused until the iPhone cools down to a healthy temperature. This feature is designed to prevent long-term damage to the battery.

  • Copying and deleting screenshots: If you take a screenshot under iOS 16, you now have the option of deleting the recorded images immediately after pasting them. The new option is called Copy and Delete and is displayed in the upper left corner immediately after Done.

  • Built-in Currency Converter: Thanks to the Live Text feature in the Camera and Photos apps, currencies can now be converted live via this feature. To do this, select the respective image and wait until the I symbol appears on your screen. Then tap Convert to convert the currency. Live Text also supports unit conversions.

Final Words:-

Hope you will love using these mentioned iOS 16 Hidden Features. If you found some useful features in iOS 16 then feel free to share in Comment Box.

Thanks for Reading!

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