How to recover unsaved Microsoft Files [Easy Guide]

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 You are working on an Excel spreadsheet, checking and rechecking that your numbers are correct and that everything is going well. Nothing can stop you from completing your task and impressing your boss because you are a machine.

How to recover unsaved Microsoft Files

A power outage that prevents you from saving your file might be the only exception. Either you start over from scratch or you resign from your position immediately.

How To Recover Unsaved Microsoft Office Files Easily?

While not saving your work is never a good idea, losing a document like this isn't the end of the world. If you accidentally close an Office file without saving it, you don't have to start from scratch.

There is a simple way to recover the file by using a recovery tool built right into the Office application.
When you work on Word, Excel, or other documents, it is not saved until you click the "Save" button. 

Your file data is stored in a separate folder within your user account's AppData folder.

This folder, which is hidden from most users, stores data for many Windows apps associated with your user account.

Microsoft Office has a dedicated recovery tool

In most cases, you'll find an unsaved and recently closed Office file here. There are two approaches. The first option, the simplest and most direct, takes you directly to the folder containing the lost document.

To Recover Microsoft Files follow, 
  • Open the app used
  • Click on the File tab at the top left and choose Info.
  • Now click on “Manage Document”, then “Recover Unsaved Documents”

There you should see the file you closed without saving it. Select it, and click on “Save as” to never lose it again.

If you want to play it a bit techier, there is a somewhat more advanced method to achieve the same result. 

  • Press Windows + R to open the “Run” window. 
  • There, type “%appdata%” and run to open the folder. 
  • From there, navigate to your app's folder (for example, the Microsoft folder and then the Word folder). 

This is the folder that you directly open in the first method. You should find your file. Open it and save it.

Final Words:-

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