How to Use WhatsApp on PC or Mac

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 WhatsApp is essential to you and you use it very regularly on your smartphone? 

Do you spend a good part of your days on your PC or Mac? It's very easy to use your WhatsApp account on Windows, macOS or Linux. Chat at lightning speed with your keyboard, post statuses from your desktop… We explain everything to you in this tutorial.

How to Use WhatsApp on PC or Mac

Originally, WhatsApp is a mobile application : it provides a rich instant messaging platform, like iMessage or Messenger for example. It works on both Android and iOS . It is completely free and end-to-end encrypted.

How to Use WhatsApp on Windows, MAC OR Linux PC

The functionality has evolved a lot in recent years. WhatsApp became a cross-platform application in 2022. While initially you had to keep your smartphone connected to the Internet to access your messages on PC or Mac, this condition is no longer mandatory.

WhatsApp Web and the desktop client have gained their independence . However, it is still essential to establish a connection between your smartphone and your PC during the first connection. Just once and that's it. You can then turn off your smartphone if you want. It will still be possible to send and receive messages from the PC.

  1. Go to on your computer if you want to use the application from a web browser (only valid method if you are on Linux).
  2. Or download and install WhatsApp for Windows or Mac or by clicking this link .
  3. During the first launch of the application, the latter will offer you to scan a QR Code.
  4. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  5. Tap on the three dots at the top right and then on Connected devices. Tap Connect Device.
  6. Adjust the camera lens to scan the QR displayed on your PC screen.
  7. Wait for your messages to sync.

And There you go ! You can now directly write messages from your WhatsApp account, post statuses and see those of your contact friends, etc. Note that it is possible to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously. So repeat the process on other PCs and it will work.

What Functions we get on Windows, MAC and Web Version of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp's Windows, Mac and web apps offer more or less the same services as the app for Android and iOS. Of course, the granularity is not the same. First of all, you can of course compose messages in existing threads (all your old messages are accessible) or create new discussions by selecting a contact's profile or even create discussion groups.

To create a group, you can click on the three vertical dots at the top, in the left section of the interface. Then click New Group . Whether you're using the native Windows, macOS, or WhatsApp Web client, you can enable notifications to alert you to any new messages. These notifications appear as you're used to: top right for Mac users and bottom right for PC owners.

Of course, you can access or post your friends' WhatsApp statuses . However, there is one major feature missing from the Whatsapp web client and desktop application: the ability to make video or audio calls.

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