Everything you Need to Know about Whatsapp Chat Archiving

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services today. Since its launch, the platform has continued to introduce features to provide a successful, fluid and very intuitive experience. Messaging is an important part of our lives.

These conversations should be taken care of. And each service has its little tricks. On WhatsApp, one of them is quite unknown, but yet very useful, it is archiving. Why archive? How to do ? We tell you everything.

Whatsapp Chat Archiving

What is Archiving in WhatsApp?

If you've ever used archiving in Gmail or Instagram , you're already familiar with the concept since it's the same thing in WhatsApp: it removes the chat from the main window, but doesn't delete it. You can unarchive and access the conversation at any time.

Both individual and group chats can be archived, but a single message, portion, or file of a chat cannot be archived. It's all talk or nothing.

What can be done once the conversation has been archived?

Once the conversation is archived, it disappears, as we said, from the main view. If you receive messages in this chat, you will be notified and the conversation thread will return to the main view. It is automatically unarchived - unless you define a different operation via the settings -.

If you archive a chat, the other person(s) are not notified. The same is true when you delete a chat. This also means that there is no way of knowing if one of the participants has put your discussion in their archives. Please note that archiving a chat does not affect your online status either. If you are online, archived conversations will also be displayed online.

Where to find archived conversations

Archived discussions are stored separately. On Android, scroll down the main screen to the bottom where you find the option to access your archived conversations. On iPhone, go to the Chats tab and you will find Archived chats at the top. On the web version, click the icon with the three dots and select Archived from the menu.

How to archive/unarchive a chat

On Android, just tap and hold the chat. Then, in the options that appear at the top, we must click on the Archive icon. On iPhone, just swipe the conversation from right to left and then tap Archive. On the web version, by hovering over the discussion with the cursor, click on the down arrow and then on Archive.

Note that it is also possible to archive all conversations at once. An option available only on Android and iOS. On Google OS, tap on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner, select Settings. Then tap Chats, then Chat History. Finally, choose “Archive all discussions”. On iOS, open WhatsApp then go to Settings. Tap on Chats and then on “Archive all chats”.

To unarchive a conversation on Android, press and hold the conversation, then tap the Unarchive option. On iPhone, swipe the chat from right to left, then tap Unarchive. On the web version, hover your mouse over the conversation you want to unarchive, click the down arrow and Unarchive.

Archiving or deleting, what are the differences?

Deleting an archived conversation is done exactly the same way as for an unarchived conversation.

The Archive feature is only used to hide messages from your main list. You can unarchive to bring it back to the main view. With deletion, on the other hand, the operation is permanent. Once a chat is deleted, you can't recover it. Pay attention.

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