Teachers Fired When Students Discovered Their OnlyFans ...

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A Teacher couple from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is looking for work as a result of their newly discovered OnlyFans exploits.

samantha peer teacher

Samantha Peer, a former Thunderbolt Middle School teacher, resigned "under pressure" after a parent of a student discovered explicit content featuring her and her husband, Dillon, online.

Dillon was also a fourth-grade teacher at another school.

Peer stated in a statement that she and her husband chose the OnlyFans route because “their wages as teachers were no longer sufficient to sustain them and their family”.

Samantha Peer Statement:-

Some of the content posted on the page allegedly featured explicit sex acts in the youngsters’ classrooms; one student told their mother that one post had the teacher spread across the child's desk.

Peer resigned under pressure from school officials and was told that her content would not be made public. However, the claim is that other teachers were sharing their content with students and informing them of her online identity.

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